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DISCOUNTS  on Corrugated Sheet in "Lipetskii metall"!

In the case of the order corrugated sheets wholesale and small wholesale, discounts and special conditions.A fence made of corrugated sheet Fences made of corrugated differ  intransparency , durability, winning in the price / quality ratio, as well as a significant barrier to penetration attacks. Corrugated sheet for the fence can be covered with polymers and painted in different colors.

For each client, flexible payment system, a wide range of products - all this allows us to establish long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.
We will be glad to see you among our regular customers and partners: Efficient execution of orders, certification of products, timely processing of financial documentation, Integrated services for metal products.


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Cutting and dissolution.

Our company uses the following types of cutting:

Plasma cutting of metal. One of the finest types of cutting. It is used on any sheet metal work. Carried out without tolerances (maximum accuracy). This type of cutting is carried out only under the order. (Ask for information managers "Lipetskii metall").

The gas (oxygen) metal cutting. The main type of cutting. Cutting metal by the action of pure oxygen flow to the hot metal. The chemical reaction between oxygen and the base metal provides the heat for the local melting and hence cutting.

Mechanical cutting of metall. This includes the cutting of a stationary circular saw, guillotine and the "grinder". Mainly used for profiled metal small size (profile and round tube, squares, circles, etc.) and for sheet metal. It is also used in various non-ferrous metal cutting. This type of cutting more than is optimal for small amounts of metal and is the most time-consuming.

Laser cutting of metal. The most accurate type of cutting. It is used with all types of metal.In the same way without tolerances (maximum accuracy). This type of cutting is carried out only under the order. Refine our information managers.

Standard metal cutting (half) is a 2% cost of purchased metal.

Metal Fabrication to customer's drawings.

Manufacture of metal structures is performed according to standard as well as on individual projects. "Lipetskii metall" offers a wide range of ready-made solutions.

If you have any questions or want to discuss the modalities of cooperation - just call. Our managers will be happy to answer your call and try to help you in resolving any issues.


"Lipetskii metall" - offers you the services of galvanized metal, metal, pipes, wire, metal, fasteners, parts with the most modern to date methods of hot-dip galvanizing and electroplating.

You will be able to increase the service life of products and facilities for 30-50 years and excluding the costs of dismantling and repair, using our services now to galvanizing!

Metal-became an integral part of modern life. It is used in heavy industry, and in the light due to its reliability and durability.

Over time, the properties of metal and metal deteriorate, it is subjected to corrosion, it loses strength. It is established that the cause of corrosion is primarily the impact of atmospheric gases and liquids. One of the most effective options to protect the metal zntikorroziynoy today recognized as zinc.

It is worth thinking about covering the metal today to 10 years from now do not have to invest in its restoration. "Blue" fittings that you have purchased the plant 3 days ago, will not guarantee high-quality coupling with concrete: pouring the foundation for the formation of a wet environment that could affect the oxidation of the concrete. Metal, of course, always has the interaction with the environment. With proper design of galvanizing can last 50 years.

Delivery (auto, transit)

Delivery by truck. Availability of transport logistics and service its own fleet of specialized vehicles will save you from having to find and bring vehicles and forwarding and tediouswait during loading. When purchasing large lots available free shipping. More precise information about delivery uznaavayte the manager of "Lipetskii metall."

Transit. "Lipetskii metall" metal manufactures sell large wholesale - cars. Here you can buy Wholesale lot of metal of various sizes at prices lower than the factory.

The peculiarity of transit supply is that the metal comes from manufacturer directly to your objects, bypassing the intermediate steel center, which allows both us and you will reduce the cost of delivery. Transit of metal made ​​in Russia and CIS. Perhaps the formation of teams and wagons dokomplektatsiya other positions.