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DISCOUNTS  on Corrugated Sheet in "Lipetskii metall"!

In the case of the order corrugated sheets wholesale and small wholesale, discounts and special conditions.A fence made of corrugated sheet Fences made of corrugated differ  intransparency , durability, winning in the price / quality ratio, as well as a significant barrier to penetration attacks. Corrugated sheet for the fence can be covered with polymers and painted in different colors.

For each client, flexible payment system, a wide range of products - all this allows us to establish long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.
We will be glad to see you among our regular customers and partners: Efficient execution of orders, certification of products, timely processing of financial documentation, Integrated services for metal products.

About us

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Manufacturing and dealership company  "Lipetskii metall" for the years of its existence on the metall market of Russia and near abroad has made a solid contribution to its development.

In cooperation with more than 800 partner enterprises "Lipetskii metall" day after day postavlyaetmetall for construction of large industrial and residential properties (beam, channel, angle, profile sheets, etc.) as well as for the production of concrete products (valves, square, circle, grid, etc.).

Our company is a responsible approach to the selection of partners, developing relationships with the major representatives of the Russian metallurgical industry. Today «Lipetskii metall" delivers more than 1,000 types of products, the quality of which corresponds to the climatic conditions, the requirements of construction physics and statics, and (last but not least) - aesthetics.

Innovation in the metal trade market? Maybe! Our company successfully uses modern technology to automate the process of selling the metal, which reduces the time from the date of filing of your order prior to departure to destination. Modernity and timeliness - it is both a creed and Development Strategy  "Lipetskii metall."

The high innovation potential in the field of mining and steel companies are providing our first and foremost our employees. Team  "Lipetskii metall" brings together experts integrated competence: improving personal skills every day, our staff will improve the quality of service (design and delivery of the order, customer support, etc.), bringing it closer to European standards."

"Out of Competition" - this motto reflects the high degree of effectiveness of group "Lipetskii metall", confirmed by years of reliable partnership.