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DISCOUNTS  on Corrugated Sheet in "Lipetskii metall"!

In the case of the order corrugated sheets wholesale and small wholesale, discounts and special conditions.A fence made of corrugated sheet Fences made of corrugated differ  intransparency , durability, winning in the price / quality ratio, as well as a significant barrier to penetration attacks. Corrugated sheet for the fence can be covered with polymers and painted in different colors.

For each client, flexible payment system, a wide range of products - all this allows us to establish long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.
We will be glad to see you among our regular customers and partners: Efficient execution of orders, certification of products, timely processing of financial documentation, Integrated services for metal products.



We welcome you to the site of production and dealership company "Lipetskii metall"!

The spectrum of our work involves several areas:
  1. Own production of galvanized and painted decking (steel sheet), sandwich panels;
  2. Delivery of bulk metal (for construction and reconstruction of large industrial and civil use, for manufacturers of concrete products, etc.);
  3. Sales of metal in the retail (individual orders of any type, metal fabrication to customer's drawings);
  4. Develop a network of regional offices.

Our company is the market of metal distinguishes:

  • A wide range of steel productssteel sheetfittings, wire meshsandwich panels, etc. (See details in the section "Top products" and "Manufacturing"). It also marks a high variability of metal, size characteristics, the color palette of metal corresponding to all quality standards.
  • Accurate purchase orders are made of metal for preliminary applications after consultation with the factory schedule rental. The sooner you submit the application to our company, the better it will be worked out by our experts! (You will be offered the most favorable conditions the cost of manufacturing of metal products, transport it).
  • The accuracy of calculating the weight of the lot of metall (weighing is performed with the use of electronic scales). That is, you are guaranteed to get the amount of metal, which is paid for!Preliminary equipment and packing (for easy control during shipping, transport and subsequent storage products), through which you have ordered, or corrugated steel sheet(regardless of the size of the order) will be promptly delivered to the destination.
  • A flexible system of discounts. Terms of payment order - a subject for open discussion. With the "Lipetskii metall" easy win in the price of the metal, while not losing the quality. This makes cooperation with our company even more attractive.
  • Any kind of metal delivery - your choice. Delivery of orders carried out by his own truck fleet. Also available with our company wagon (transit) delivery of hardware in your area. By "Lipetskii metall" order will be delivered to an object in a timely manner, eliminating the possibility of downtime of your production or construction.
  • High standards of service. For each of our individual client has a highly qualified expert accompanying the order from the application prior to shipment of products. Moreover, our company successfully uses modern technology to automate the process of ordering in themetal trade. Thanks to the efficiency of employees and business processes  "Lipetskii metall" You save your time!